5 Tips to Prep Your Home for Your Next Home Improvement Project

You’ve decided to move forward with your next siding project, roof replacement, or door/window upgrade. Now what? Besides waiting for your skilled contracting crew to show up, there are a few ways you can prep your home for your next home improvement project that will help get your project done faster with fewer interruptions.  Besides…

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3 Steel Siding Design Trends for 2023

Design with Style in Mind with These 3 Steel Siding Design Trends Home improvement projects are right around the corner and if steel siding is on your “honey-do” list, then start looking at your options for style and design now. Pinterest is a great inspiration tool to look at with your sweetie and decide how…

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Save Money with Energy-Efficient Windows

They say that the windows are the eyes to a house, but if those windows start to frost and cause icy build-up in and around your home, it’s time for some new eyes. Energy-efficient windows are proven to save you time and money year after year. Engstrom’s Siding and Window installs the industry’s best energy-efficient…

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4 FAQs About Steel Siding

Steel siding has been around for almost 100 years, but it’s recently become a popular choice for homeowners looking to upgrade to a more sturdy and modern siding solution. This material is the longest-lasting siding material available and is particularly valuable for homeowners concerned about moisture intrusion, wood rot, pests, or high-maintenance repairs. A siding contractor can help…

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A Guide to Vertical and Horizontal Siding

Siding job

A Guide to Vertical and Horizontal Siding Upgrade your home’s exterior with a seamless siding option that’s not only versatile and durable but also offers a variety of colors, textures, and styles. In this guide, we’ll explore the choice between vertical and horizontal siding panels, focusing on the advantages and considerations of both, especially the…

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Gutter Preparation in 3 Ways for Fall

Fall Gutters

Gutter Preparation in 3 Ways for Fall Fall is an important time for gutters. Not only will they be leading rainwater away from a house, but they’ll also collect falling leaves and branches, and even act as a shelter for hibernating critters. This can weaken or break them, leaving your home unguarded from future weather…

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3 Reasons to Seek Construction Careers


3 Reasons to Seek Construction Careers Working as a professional laborer can offer fresh new experiences. Explore the world of construction careers for a fulfilling path. There are countless opportunities to choose from, such as being a siding installer or roofing contractor. The work will always be steady, and you’ll be able to improve your…

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5 Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Entry Door

5 Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Entry Door Knowing that you have entry door security can give your family peace of mind when you’re asleep or out of the house. Short of replacing the door completely, there are a few steps you can take to bolster security. Follow these tips to make your…

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4 Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid


4 Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid When you invest in window replacement, you want to take care of those new panes to ensure they look and function like new ones for as long as possible. Window cleaning may seem fairly straightforward, but there are a few common mistakes that could scratch or damage the glass.…

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