Fall Leaves and Gutters: Why and How To Prevent Clogged Gutters

Fall is here, and for most Minnesota and Wisconsin homeowners, this means one thing — clogged gutters due to fall leaves. 

As fall approaches full force, you need to keep your gutters clear of any debris and leaves. Failure to do so will lead to extensive home damage and even infestations. 

Fortunately, at Engstrom’s Siding and Window, we are here to share our top tips for preventing clogged gutters. We’ll also go over the importance of keeping your gutters and sidings leaf and debris-free during the fall. 

The Importance of Cleaning Gutters: The Consequences of Gutter Neglect

Neglecting your gutters can lead to a laundry list of negative consequences. 

First, your home becomes more prone to several types of damage when you don’t clean the gutters. As debris accumulates, the gutters become less able to drain water. This results in roof damage, foundational damage, and water damage due to seepage. 

That’s not all. During the fall, water can remain stagnant on cluttered gutters, turning them into breeding grounds for pests like mosquitos. 

Lastly, uncleaned and clogged gutters can cause water to seep into critical parts of your home like the foundations. When this occurs, it will just be a matter of time before undrained water erodes your landscaping.

Keeping the Gutters Clean

Cleaning gutters is a straightforward process. It involves no more than climbing to your roof and removing leaves and other accumulated debris. 

Unfortunately, this approach — though effective — is only a band-aid solution. If you’re looking for a long-lasting solution that yields long-lasting results, look no further than gutter covers. 

Gutter covers can prevent debris from interfering with the normal flow of water. These useful products do this by keeping debris on top of the gutters. 

Gutter covers can save you risky trips to the roof and decrease the need to deal with ice dams during the winter. At Engstrom’s Siding and Window, we offer the LeafX Gutter Covers. 

LeafX Gutter Covers feature the latest innovations in gutter cover engineering. Manufactured to the highest standards, the LeafX Clean Gutter System keeps your gutters clog-free for years. 

Experience Long-Lasting Gutter Solutions With Engstrom’s Siding and Window Co.

At Engstrom’s Siding and Window, we provide gutter installations that protect your home from extensive damage. Our products are some of the most sought-after among homeowners and include the revolutionary LeafX Clean Gutter System. 

Say goodbye to gutter clutter this fall and beyond. Contact us at Engstrom’s Siding and Window Co. for a free service estimate.