5 Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Entry Door

5 Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Entry Door

Knowing that you have entry door security can give your family peace of mind when you’re asleep or out of the house. Short of replacing the door completely, there are a few steps you can take to bolster security. Follow these tips to make your front door safer.

How to Improve the Safety of Entry Doors

1. Set Up a Security Alarm

While an alarm system won’t stop home invaders, it can serve as an effective deterrent—no burglar wants to get caught. Even if someone does manage to disable them, most smart security systems will still send an alert to your phone or email. Putting up a sign or sticker next to your entry door stating that your home is equipped with an alarm should be enough to dissuade many would-be intruders. 

2. Install Ample Outdoor Lighting

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Another effective security feature is bright lighting. Intruders mostly enter at night to avoid being seen, so simply making the exterior of your home well-lit could make them think twice. If you don’t want to leave all exterior lighting on throughout the night, consider installing motion sensor floodlights.

3. Set Up Cameras

CCTV cameras and wireless smart cams are a great way to enhance the security of your entry door. Placing these both in plain sight and hidden away serves as a deterrent and a way to secretly watch for suspicious activity. This allows you to protect your family and remain aware of what’s going on around your home.

4. Protect Glass With Security Film

Glass entry doors and surrounding windows are a popular feature for many homes, providing natural lighting and making the entrance feel more welcoming to guests. Unfortunately, intruders can take advantage of these aesthetically pleasing features. If you have glass doors, have security film installed. This film prevents glass from shattering upon impact, making it harder to break in.

5. Upgrade Your Locks

Your entry door should have at least two types of locks to provide an additional layer of security. Deadbolts and deadlatches are durable options that can withstand a good amount of force. If one of your locks breaks, contact a locksmith right away to fix this vulnerability.