5 Tips to Prep Your Home for Your Next Home Improvement Project

You’ve decided to move forward with your next siding project, roof replacement, or door/window upgrade. Now what? Besides waiting for your skilled contracting crew to show up, there are a few ways you can prep your home for your next home improvement project that will help get your project done faster with fewer interruptions. 

  1. Outdoor Landscaping
    If you have trees and shrubs that line your home, make sure to trim them or tie them back for easy siding installation. Cover any flower beds you have to protect them from debris and make sure to keep your yard clear of obstructions for easy access to and from the work area. 
  2. Inside Wall Hangings
    Your walls may vibrate on the inside from the siding installation being done on the outside. Take down any picture frames or wall decor that may be directly affected by siding installation or other exterior work being done to your home. 
  1. Consider a Pet Sitter
    Although we are all dog lovers here, the amount of foot traffic from strangers coming in and out of your house could spook your furry friends and cause more of a disruption for the project. If you aren’t planning on being home for the entire duration of the project, consider dropping off your pets at a trusted friend’s house. 
  1. Keep Children Away from Work Area
    It is important to monitor children extra carefully during your home improvement construction project. Safety is equally important for our crew and our customers. 
  1. Cut off Exterior Power
    If you have a new siding project coming down the pike this summer, be prepared to turn off exterior power in order to prevent potential shock to the construction crew. 

Besides these five tips, you will also want to maintain good communication throughout the entirety of the project. Call Engstrom’s Siding and Window for any updates regarding your project as soon as you made aware of them. Follow these tips and your trusted home improvement crew will be ready to roll when they arrive on site to upgrade your exteriors to the home of your dreams.