Storm Doors Offers What Benefits?

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Storm Doors Offers What Benefits?

Winter brings snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. Cold wind could enter the home, making it chilly and uncomfortable. To enhance your home’s winter comfort, consider the benefits of storm doors. That is why entry doors are a wise home improvement project. These doors offer beneficial features you can enjoy for years. Here are several reasons to consider installing them at every entry point of your home. 

3 Reasons to Install Storm Entry Doors

1. Energy-Efficiency 

Installing storm doors at the home’s front and rear entry points adds a layer of insulation. The doors guard against frigid weather and prevent air leaks, so your home stays warmer while consuming less energy. You’ll save on heating bills throughout the winter. 

2. Personal Security & Property Protection

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The door’s glass panels offer personal security by allowing users to open the solid door and see outside without opening the storm door. The panels deflect the sun’s harmful UV rays that can cause door colors to fade prematurely as well. 

Your home’s doors are protected from the elements, chips, or dings, and the paint or stain colors last longer. Each door has a locking or latching system that supplements the current door locks. This extra layer of security may deter criminals from vandalizing or burglarizing your house.  

3. Noise Reduction

The seals around storm doors and the insulation within act as a barrier that reduces the level of outside noise you might hear. Light sleepers, second-shift workers, and residents in high-traffic areas, schools, or railways find this feature helpful, as they enjoy more quiet living quarters.