Are Your Gutters Ready for the Spring Thaw?  

The harsh winter can wreak havoc on your home if it is not properly protected with adequate gutters. They may not be top of mind when it comes to exterior home improvement projects, but good gutters make a big difference. When the heavy snow from Wisconsin and Minnesota winters starts to melt and temperatures begin to fluctuate, you have a mixture of ice buildup and water runoff. Old or inefficient gutters can contribute to basement flooding, land erosion, cracked foundations and water buildup behind siding. Below are three tips (including installing seamless gutters) to ensure your home will have an elevated look and withstand hazardous snow and ice for protection.  

3 Tips to Protect Your Home from the Spring Thaw

Remove Ice and Snow 

It is important to keep up with removing ice and snow from your roof throughout the winter. Besides damaging your gutters, too much ice and snow can cause ice dams and damage to your roof. When you are removing snow, try to remove it away from your home as much as possible in order to eliminate potential water damage. 

Clean and Deice Gutters

Keeping gutters clean and free of debris will help alleviate a build-up of pine needles, leaves, dirt and other items that freeze during the winter. Combined with the weight of ice and snow, excessive debris in gutters can cause cracking and leaking. Maintaining debris-free gutters will help tremendously when the spring thaw comes. 

Get Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are a must if you want the ultimate protection for your home during the spring thaw. ABC Seamless Steel Gutters is equipped with the same technology and durability that ABC Seamless Siding has. These gutters carry away 33% more water than traditional-style gutters and they are built to last. 

Give Engstrom’s Siding and Window a call today for new gutters. With a variety of colors to choose from and the beautiful look of seamless gutters, your entire home will thank you for the much-needed upgrade.