Storm Door Benefits

Storm door

If your entry doors are getting damaged by wind and weather, you don’t have to continually refinish and repair them. Protect your entry doors from weather damage with the benefits of a storm door. A solid storm door provides a protective barrier between any standard entry door and the weather. Apart from defending against storms, these doors also boast several additional hidden benefits. Here are a few surprising ways storm doors can benefit any home.

Why Add a Storm Door to Your Home?

1. Energy Efficiency

Whether you’re trying to make your house more eco-friendly or looking to reduce utility bills, an insulating storm door can help. It will stop the sun’s blazing heat in summer and prevent loss of warmth in the winter. Look for styles with well-rated weather seals that are built of thermally efficient materials. Some manufacturers offer glass glazing options that further reduce energy loss.

2. Security

entry doors

Storm doors typically come with their own locks, so they create a second barrier against accidental escapes from young children or even pets. The double-layered doors can keep children safely inside, preventing curious little fingers from opening the locks and potentially becoming involved in an accident. 

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Storm doors can enhance the appearance of any entryway since they’re available in an array of styles and colors. When the entry door is open, they allow a stream of natural light that looks fresh and inviting. When both doors are closed, they frame the entry in a crisp, visually appealing manner. To further boost the home’s curb appeal, choose decorative glass options that blend with the existing architecture. 

4. Improved Ventilation

Opening doors and windows can refresh the entire home. Unfortunately, insects and windborne debris can discourage homeowners who are trying to enjoy the fresh air. Screened storm doors block bugs and dirt, but allow air to pass through freely. This allows homeowners to benefit from natural airflow without sacrificing their home comfort levels.