Why Is Window Efficiency Important in Winter?

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Why Is Window Efficiency Important in Winter?

Maintaining an efficient home is an important way to consume less energy and reduce your utility bills, especially when the temperatures dip in winter. Windows play a major role in wintertime energy efficiency, as well as your home’s interior comfort, so they should be one of the first home features to update. Learn why it’s so important to maximize the efficiency of your windows during winter here.

What Makes Window Efficiency Essential in Winter?

If the seals helping the residential glass frames remain in place start deteriorating, they allow warm air to escape your home while inviting cold air in. To test whether an air leak is present, you can use a flashlight outside when it gets dark and shine it into your home. Have someone else stand inside on the other side of the window and look for any light streaming in around the seal. If they see light, your windows may have an air leak.


Use this test to check the installations throughout your home, and apply caulk or weatherstripping materials as needed to seal the leaks. Doing so helps your home retain warm air and keep cold air out, which contributes to an energy-efficient, comfortable interior. As a result, your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to combat incoming cold air, which keeps wintertime utility costs lower. 

When Should You Consider an Upgrade?

If the frames are rotting, caulk or weatherstripping provide temporary remedies only. In this case, you might need to schedule replacement services depending on the installation’s age, frame condition, and any other issues, such as opening and closing difficulties.

Upgrading residential glass offers a number of advantages, including improved curb appeal and significant energy savings. In fact, ENERGY STAR-certified single window pane replacements can help you save up to $583 per year compared to non-certified options. Not only will the reduced energy consumption benefit you during the cold winter temperatures, but it will also help you save later in the year during summer’s heat.