Metal Roofing Benefits

5 Maintenance-Free Benefits of Metal Roofing

One of the noteworthy benefits of metal roofing from ABC Seamless Roofing is its lack of required maintenance. Although shingles and cedar shakes need occasional replacement, metal doesn’t require routine repairs. Being maintenance-free also gives metal roofs several additional advantages. Discover some examples below when you choose Engstrom’s Siding and Window for your next roofing installation.

5 Compelling Advantages of Choosing Metal Roofing

1. Durable

Unlike shingles and other forms of roofing that may be damaged by hail and high winds, metal durably resists inclement weather and exposure to long periods of sun. It also repels moisture from rain, ice, and snow. Some metal roofs are so durable that they come with lifetime warranties.

2. Versatile Appearance

Metal roofs are available in a broad range of colors and finishes and can be customized to look like other roofing styles. You can choose a roof that resembles slate, shingles, or wood shakes to achieve a classic look. Plus, because of their ability to withstand ultraviolet (UV) radiation, you don’t have to worry about color fading.

3. Recyclable

Metal is a sustainable choice for roofs. It’s recyclable, and any leftover material can be repurposed for future use. In addition, most metal roofs are fabricated from recycled metal, further reducing the carbon footprint of metal-roofing projects.

4. Easy to Install

Most metal roofs, which are installed using large panels, take less time to construct than time-consuming shingled-roof installations. When contractors complete jobs quicker, homeowners and businesses save money.

5. Fire-Resistant

Durable metal roofs are naturally fire-resistant. It’s an ideal option for residences and offices located in areas prone to wildfires. Whereas materials like cedar shakes may ignite when encountering wind-blown embers, metal resists fire.