Choosing a Patio Door

Choosing a Patio Door

As you expand or enhance your patio, choosing a patio door can be crucial, your patio entry door welcomes your guests from your home into your yard. Now is the time to think through the style of door you would like to have installed. The following is a quick guide for determining the perfect patio entry door for your home.

Decide on the Opening Mechanism

1. Sliding Glass Doors

Entry Doors

Choosing a patio door involves deciding on the opening mechanism and finish. Sliding patio doors serve well in homes that do not have a lot of space for the door to swing in or out. The glass provides functionality as well, making for easy clean.

They also direct guests’ attention outside, which makes your home look simultaneously bigger and more inviting. You will receive a lot of natural light, which effortlessly opens up your living room. You can also decide if you want to install a screen door along with your sliding patio door to keep bugs out while letting the breeze in. 

2. Swinging Patio Doors

Swinging patio doors boost your home’s charm. Since most swinging doors have glass panels, they will allow natural light to stream into your home, and you can choose the direction you want the doors to open. If you like the look of French doors, you can install a set that swings outward and inward from hinges on the side. You can decide on a center-hinged system that swings open on one side only—either inside or outside. Swinging patio doors can be upgraded with decorative glass or a subtle finish. 

Decide on the Finish

1. Vinyl Patio Doors

Vinyl patio doors will endure harsh winters for many years and refuse to warp, rot, or fade during the hot summers. You can choose the color and style to match your home’s design and even select a laminate that resembles real wood. 

2. Wood Patio Doors

Wood patio doors allow for versatility with paint and stain colors. Real wood patio entry doors are available in pine, fir, alder, or mahogany. While their installation is not complicated, they will require upkeep to prevent warping, rotting, or cracking.