An Introduction to Gutter Maintenance

An Introduction to Gutter Maintenance

After leafy falls and rainy springs, your gutters endure a lot of abuse from the elements throughout the year. Without regular inspections and maintenance, you could face the consequences of a clogged drainage system — from roof leaks to foundation and landscape damage. If you want to steer clear of such issues, take advantage of the benefits ABC Seamless Gutters offers, and the following gutter maintenance guide.

What Kind of Maintenance Do Gutters Need?

1. Clean Out Debris

At least twice a year, set aside a day to pull out your ladder and take a careful look at your drainage system. With gloved hands, pull out clumps of leaves, twigs, and other debris that impedes water flow. If there are any abandoned animal nests, you can safely remove them, but present wildlife or pest issues should be handled by a professional.

2. Flush Out Residue

After months of sitting in your gutters, dirt, pollen, and waterlogged leaves will leave a grimy residue behind. In some cases, this residue may even contribute to mold and mildew growth. Use a scrubber brush to loosen up the buildup. Then, use your hose to flush any remaining residue out of your gutters and through the downspouts, taking note of any drainage issues along the way.

3. Check on Drain Pipes & Downspouts

Without functional drain pipes and downspouts to send water and debris through, all the hard work your gutters do will be for nothing. Check on these aspects of your drainage system when handling gutter maintenance. If water doesn’t drain quickly, use a plumbing auger to fish out any blockages in these vertical channels. Also, look for signs of rust and leaks, which may require professional repairs.