A Brief Guide to Patio Door Styles

patio door styles

Making your home more inviting by allowing more light and connection to outdoor spaces can be just the refresh your house needs. Enhance your home with patio door styles, creating a more inviting and connected space. Installing patio doors is one way to bring the outside into your home, but picking the right style entry door for your needs and aesthetic can be a difficult choice. 

Styles of Entry Doors for Your Patio

1. Sliding

For homes with limited space, outdoors or indoors, this option is often the best choice. Sliding-style entry doors run along a track, rather than swinging in or out, which means the door never becomes an obstruction. They also use large panes of glass that remain minimally obstructed, allowing more natural light into the home.

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2. French-Style Sliding

This sliding design cleverly gives the appearance of the more traditional French-style swinging door. You can customize the panels and grids to create a door that fits in with the overall look of your home without losing an indoor or outdoor space when the doors are opened.

3. Bi-Fold

This uncommon style choice features two glass panels that are hinged together. The panels open in an accordion-like manner and can be completely unfolded to make the space seem more expansive.

4. Hinged

This style, also known as traditional French-style doors, uses two doors to give a wide or narrow opening, depending on needs. They have a classic look and can be painted to fit seamlessly into your home.

5. Multi-Slide

This style features customizable amounts of panels, which means you have the freedom to open the doors in different ways depending on your needs. For small spaces, stick to fewer panels, but this style of the entry door can sometimes contain as many as ten panels for long walls.