5 Signs It’s Time for Window Replacement

5 Signs It’s Time for Window Replacement

Like other materials making up your home, window replacement should be on the to[ of your home improvement list when you start seeing the warning signs that they are deteriorating. Timely window replacements from Engstrom’s Siding and Window prevents a variety of complications ranging from decreased energy efficiency to an increased risk of accidents from unstable glass. Engstrom’s is proud to install Renewal by Andersen windows, the most recognized brand in windows with the highest industry rating in customer satisfaction for two years in a row.
Review the signs below telling you now is the time to replace your windows and enjoy benefits such as increased home value.

A Guide to Window Replacement

1. Excessive Wear & Rot

When wooden window frames wear out and rot from years of use and exposure to the elements, they’re candidates for replacement. Discoloration and warping of vinyl frames result in appearance and functional problems. If a vinyl frame warps, you won’t be able to open or close windows.

2. Condensation Between Panes

While condensation on the inside or outside of a window is a normal reaction to environmental changes, condensation or a layer of fog between the panes indicates the seals are broken and the need for window replacement.

3. Opening & Closing Difficulty

When windows become difficult to open or close without effort, the frames have warped, rotted, or shifted. Don’t allow the extra force you must apply to open windows cause you to lose your balance and fall. Have your windows replaced to eliminate this risk to your safety.

4. Air Leaks

If you notice a draft because air is seeping through your closed windows, consider replacing them. To confirm a leak, hold a lit incense stick near your windows. The smoke will become erratic if there’s a leak. When air leaks are present, you may also notice light from outside where a window’s casing meets the sash.

5. Higher Energy Bills

Not only do drafty windows interfere with home comfort, but they also contribute to higher energy bills. A sudden spike in your monthly utility bill may be the fault of a malfunctioning HVAC system. However, if you know your windows have air leaks, they are responsible in part.