Pets and Sliding Glass Doors: 4 Steps to Prevent Scratching

Pets and Sliding Glass Doors: 4 Steps to Prevent Scratching

Dealing with pets and sliding glass doors? It’s common for dogs to scratch at a door to be let outside. The only issue is that it can mess up the appearance of your sliding glass door, leaving marks on the windows and obstructing visibility. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to maintain a level of protection and the following should provide a good place to start. 

4 Ways to Protect Sliding Glass Doors From Dog Scratches

1. Install a Scratch Screen

Scratch screens can either fit over the door handle or attach to the window itself. They feature a texture that produces an irritating noise every time they run their claws over the surface. This could deter them from continuing to scratch and preserve the condition of the materials. 

2. Hang a Curtain

pets and sliding glass doors

Blocking their view prevents your pet from constantly asking to be let out. Thick curtains are an effective choice in that they obstruct the sunlight and soften the sounds of traffic. 

This could serve to keep your dog calm and happy to entertain themselves within the home. If they do attempt to scratch, the sturdy material will ensure that their paws don’t come into contact with the glass. 

3. Use Reflective Film

Attaching a layer of reflective film to the sliding glass door will also lower the risk of scratches. It produces a mirror-like appearance that ensures they can’t see outside. This will limit distractions, such as a squirrel running through the yard, and preserve the appearance of the glass. 

4. Consider a Pet Door

You could also increase the ease of access by installing an automatic pet door. These work best with properties that already have a fence or covered porch in place to offer the necessary protection. Instead of having to wait for someone to open the door, they can simply lift the flap with their nose and walk on through.