3 Ways to Keep Critters Out of Your Gutters

3 Ways to Keep Critters Out of Your Gutters

Your roof and gutters are essential to keeping your home dry and safe when it rains or snows. Unfortunately, gutters are attractive places for certain critters to nest or live. Here’s a look at the most common creatures that may try to make your gutters their homes and how to prevent them from doing so.

Animals That May Call Your Gutters Home

1. Squirrels & Chipmunks

While some may find these little rodents adorable, they can pose a real threat to your roof and gutter system. Squirrels are quite agile climbers, so it’s easy for them to access your roof and potentially build nests in your gutters. Chipmunks are likely to climb up your downspouts to nest.

To prevent this, invest in quality gutter covers for the roof and a hardwire mesh cloth for the open end of the downspout. Squirrels and chipmunks can’t nest where they can’t reach, so installing these simple barriers is quite effective. You should also keep tree branches trimmed so squirrels can’t leap from the trees to your roof.

2. Grass Snakes

If you don’t install covers or cloths on your gutters and tiny prey animals make your roofing area their home, you run the risk of encountering grass snakes. They are known to climb up downspouts in search of prey.

To prevent grass snakes, install mesh cloths to keep prey animals out. You can also invest in eco-friendly, non-toxic repellents that smell bad to snakes or scare them away.

3. Bees & Wasps

These insects like to make their hives against houses, especially underneath unprotected gutters. They can then clog your gutters and other areas and present a real problem.

To help prevent this, employ the use of repellents and keep your gutters very clean. Eco-friendly repellents will deter any curious insects, and keeping your gutters clean ensures bees and wasps don’t have plant matter to eat.