3 Tips for Maintaining Patio Doors

3 Tips for Maintaining Patio Doors

Maintaining patio doors is crucial for their effectiveness and aesthetic appeal. Sliding patio doors are favored among homeowners, providing a secure exit and entry door that also contributes to the architectural appeal of a house. However, like all other aspects of your home, this feature requires occasional maintenance and upkeep to keep it operating effectively while upholding its aesthetic appeal.

How to Maintain Your Sliding Patio Doors

1. Clean Tracks

maintaining patio doors

As the barrier between the inside and outside, patio door tracks quickly accumulate all kinds of debris; food crumbs, dirt, leaves, and other miscellaneous objects. Clean out noticeable excess litter with a towel or vacuum to keep your tracks running smoothly and without issue. 

Don’t forget to clean the glass with a window cleaner too — excessive debris on your windows gradually falls and clogs the door tracks.

2. Lubricate Sliding Rails

In addition to keeping your track clean, you should regularly apply manufacturer-approved lubricant to your door’s sliding rails. The oil-based lubricant will keep the door running smoothly on its tracks, lessening the risk of it falling out of alignment or getting jammed. 

3. Inspect Locks

Don’t forget to monitor the patio door’s handle quality. The locking mechanism is subject to general wear and tear like the rest of the door, and you should regularly check for loose screws or insecure latching. Unreliable locks are more susceptible to trespassers. You should also clear grime buildup from your locking mechanism with lubricant or a pressurized air can for routine maintenance. Trust Engstrom’s Siding & Window Company to install your sliding entry doors.