3 Signs a Metal Roof Is Right for Your Home

3 Signs a Metal Roof Is Right for Your Home

When it comes to roofing options, metal roof stand out for their array of benefits. Metal roofing offers an array of benefits that homeowners find attractive. From effectively redirecting rainwater into the gutter system to shielding the home from the sun’s UV rays, metal roofing is an attractive option to consider. If you’re replacing the roofing on your home, consult the guide below to learn more about the benefits this material offers.

How to Tell a Metal Roof Is Right for You

1. Provides a Specific Aesthetic

Some homeowners believe that having a metal roof will give their home too industrial or cold of a feel, but there are plenty of different styles of metal roofs to choose from. Metal roofing often mimics other styles like shingles, slate, and tile. You can get exactly the style you desire without sacrificing function and durability.

2. Withstands Extreme Weather

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Metal roofs can withstand nearly any weather condition, including very extreme weather, like hail, lightning, heavy snow, and strong winds. Metal roofs are fire-resistant, more so than shingles. A lightning strike is far less likely to start a spark on a metal roof than its shingle counterpart. Additionally, this material doesn’t rust, so constant exposure to moisture won’t lead to a rusty roofing system.

3. Environmentally Friendly

This type of roofing panels include a high percentage of recycled content and they are also completely recyclable. This material is also more energy-efficient since it doesn’t let cool air escape in the summer. The panels reflect UV rays, which means the attic or upper floors won’t heat quickly.